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Spring Term 2018 classes begin on Friday, January 5

The Spring Term 2018 credit schedule of courses is available online using WebAdvisor under Search for Sections.

Admissions New students who plan to enter a degree, diploma, or certificate program should complete and submit a JCC application. In order to provide time for the processing of application materials and any additional documents prior to the start of classes, priority dates are identified for each semester. The college will continue to process paperwork after the priority application deadline. However, the closer we get to the start of the semester placement testing slots and admissions interview times are limited. Please do not delay in submitting your application and paperwork.

Advising and Registration Registration for the spring semester will remain open Dec. 4 through Jan. 4. Students must pay, set up a payment plan, or have financial aid posted in WebAdvisor on the same day of registration. Students may schedule advising appointments in Appointment Plus but availability may be limited.

NOTE: If you do not pay or set up a payment plan on time, your courses will be dropped. Visit the Tuition, Fees, and Expenses webpage for more information


Business Office

Spring 2018 Information

Refunds for students who have paid out of pocket will be disbursed on February 2nd and Financial Aid refunds will be disbursed on February 15th in accordance to the refund method you chose online through bank mobile. If you have not set up your refund method through your bank mobile account, please visit You will need to request a passcode first, then follow the prompts to choose your refund method.

1098-T Education tax credit forms will be released by mail and online by January 31st, 2018.

If you are a current student, and are trying to obtain your 1098T, please log into WebAdvisor and click on "View My 1098T forms." If you are not a current student, you can obtain your 1098T by going to, click on Johnston Community College and follow the directions below the log-in.

For more information, please refer to the IRS website at:

For information about refunds, click "Read more..."


Financial Aid

Financial Aid Information for Spring 2018

Spring 2018: Financial Aid Registration Process, Dates to charge books, and Refund Process!