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Summer and Fall Payment Information

Early registration for Summer is April 6 - 30. Payments will be accepted April 6 - 30. The deadline to pay for Summer registration or sign up for a payment plan is April 30.

Payments for Fall early registration will not be accepted until July 7. The deadline to pay for Fall early registration or sign up for a payment plan is July 27.

Late registration for Fall is August 13. The deadline to pay for Fall late registration or sign up for a payment plan is August 14. For more information about the payment plan visit My College Payment Plan.

Please be sure to have payment made, payment plan set up, sponsor forms turned in and scholarships or other types of financial aid complete by the advertised deadline to avoid having your class schedule purged.

For information about refunds, click "Read more..."


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2015 Summer/Fall WebAdvisor Registration

Below are important dates concerning advising, registration, and payment information for the 2015 Summer/Fall Term.

2015 Summer/Fall

March 16 - Advising for 2015 Summer/Fall
April 6 - April 30 - 2015 Summer/Fall Registration and Payment

April 30 - Final Payment Due for 2015 Summer 5 p.m. at the Business Office or 11:59 p.m. by WebAdvisor


Financial Aid

Financial Aid Information for Summer 2015

Summer 2015: Financial Aid Registration Process, Dates to charge books, and Refund Process!